“Conversion Rate Experts are clever. They know what they are doing,” says Search Laboratory, a digital marketing agency

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Search Laboratory is a global digital marketing agency specializing in pay-per-click and search engine optimization.

A short video interview with the agency


“Just look at your website and consider what your world would be like if you doubled or tripled your conversion rate, because that is the kind of success they generate.”

A transcript of the video

“What is it worth for you to double your sales or inquiries—I mean, let’s not forget inquiries—from your website? Because that’s probably what they’ll do for you.

“My name is Ian Harris and I’m the MD (Managing Director) of Search Laboratory. We do SEO (that’s search engine optimization), and pay-per-click (paid search, PPC). Quite simply, our job is to get people to websites, but the client doesn’t just want people to come to their websites; they want to sell stuff. That is the reason for getting them there. Getting the potential customers to the website is one thing. If none of those convert, then that’s pointless and we get fired. So conversion rate is, I would say, critical to us. It is one of the elements that makes up a successful campaign.

Conversion rate is critical to us. It is one of the elements that makes up a successful campaign.

“Conversion Rate Experts are clever. They know what they’re doing. They’ve done it on live sites, they’ve got proven results, and I think they get it. You know, there’s a lot of flannel in our industry, whether it be search, conversion—whatever it might be—and there’s ‘a lot of wool pulled over a lot of eyes.’ They just seem to talk at that level, and they understand it, and they apply it, and they get results—I mean, that’s what it’s all about.

“Something that sets them apart is this rounded approach where they know search engine optimization because they’ve got people that have been experts in that field. They know paid search, or PPC. They know analytics. They’re applying all those things in conversion rate. They haven’t just set up and started looking at conversion rates. So the work that they will do, for example, in optimizing a page for conversion, will not be detrimental to your natural search results because they know that stuff. So I think that’s an advantage, but I also think that’s essential. You know, if you’re going to engage with someone to do this stuff for you, there’s no point having a 50% increase on your conversion rate if that is a 50% decrease on your natural search.

“Just have a look at what you’re getting from your website and consider what the world would be like if you doubled or trebled that, because that’s the kind of order of success that they generally have on a website.”

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